Monday, November 26, 2012

How to get out of speeding ticket. Pt.1

When a cop pulls you over for speeding there are several things that are going through your mind at the time. You feel a little guilty of course, you are in disbelief that you were speeding or caught speeding, you are angry that the cop chose YOU over others to pull over, you are likely to also be a little upset about the ticket you may or may not be about to receive.

As the cop pulls you off to the side of the road, do the following: Turn off the engine, place the keys on the roof of your car, turn on the lights inside of your car, remove any hats, sunglasses, or any head wear. Make sure to place your hands on the steering wheel. By doing all of these things you are being completely submissive to the officer. You are also creating a comfortable and "safe" environment that the officer is not used to.

One approach to take is the polite one. Be respectful and kind to the officer at every turn. Cops have to deal with a lot of d-bags on a day-to-day basis. By acting unlike the rest, he or she may treat you differently as well. When the officer asks you any questions, answer responsibly. In other words, let them know that you know you are guilty. Acting as if you didn't do anything wrong, when the officer's job is to find people that do "wrong" things will likely offend the officer. In the polite approach, you do not want to spark any negative emotions in the officer.

Next week I will go over a few different approaches that you can take. See you next week for another post on Men in Blue.

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