Sunday, October 7, 2012

Preliminary Arraignment

          The preliminary arraignment is the second stage in the criminal process. As the defendant there are a few things to know before heading into your hearing. The preliminary arraignment is not a trial, there will be no jury to hear your case. What you will encounter is a judge,  your defense lawyer(not required), and yourself. All that happens during this process is the judge will review the criminal complaint that was filed against you, you will be given a copy of the complaint and will be read your rights again. The judge will than schedule a date for the preliminary hearing.  This hearing will be scheduled 3-10 days after your initial arraignment.This event does not take up very much time, at the most this could take up to 3 hours. Ultimately this is the shortest step in the criminal court proceedings.As a result of this hearing, you will neither be found guilty or innocent.  

Next week i will cover the next step in the criminal court proceedings; the preliminary hearing. Thank you for reading, ill see you next week at Men in Blue.

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